Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm applying for this channel called five great corners. I don't really think i'll get in and i really wonder if i'll actually have enough time to do it. w/e, i'll make time, it'll just have to take away from my tv'ing or myspace'ing. that is IF i get in. w/e. youtube is kind of a pain. but i looove it. lately, i've been getting more subscibers. actually, i have jessums31 to thank. i posted a response to one of her vids and it got me a lot of comments and like 3 new subscribers. it was funn. i hate how the video starts off that i do it because i love to do it and it's fun and then once i upload it to youtube i start really wanting lots of people to watch it and to leave me comments. i guess i'm kind of a whore like that..

anyways. today, i walked to the grocery store with my mom and ate a sandwich. on our way home we saw this sign taped to a tree it said "keep your dog off my yard!" and then under it says "this is not cool" with an arrow pointing down. underneath the sign is this green folder with a peice of dog crap on it. anyway, it reminded me of a youtube video i saw where someone stole a similar sign because they thought it was cool for someone to be taking action. for me, it's just a little bit embarrasing that people feel obligated to make signs like that. did they think about how it makes them look like a complete jerk? it is really irritating to have dog crap on your lawn, but come on!

well anyway, me and my mom thought it was funny, so we went home, got our camera's, and then went back and took some pics. lol

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Ambles said...

LOL, Dad would so make a sign like that.