Tuesday, January 13, 2009

After Dinner, the guns come out

something funny happened at dinner. my mom brought out the food and we all got our food ready and got ready to eat. it's been a while since we've all eaten together. anyway, we all got our food ready and started eating. but my dad is just sitting there, staring at my mom. it was a really funny picture. once she looks up, he says "Aren't we gonna pray!?" in his big booming, slightly irritated voice that he seems to use most often.

on the nights that we do eat together, my dad always prays. i don't like being the one to do it, it's awkward. same ol' same ol'. Dear God, please bless this food to our bodies, Amen. It just doesn't feel right.

Well, now it's time for me to do the dishes. Tommorow, i go into work for more tutor training. It'll be boring, but at least it'll increase my pay. Next week school starts, and i'll post the classes i'm taking soon. I might wait untill after the first day to do that, so at least i'll have more of an idea of what the class will be like.

thanks again blog,



jjzapman said...

Haha awkward dinners are the best. There was this one time when there was this random hooker at our dinner table and my parents were both looking at me. That's when I realized my fly was down. We laughed it off, and finished dinner. Oh awkward times, how we love them so :)

katiedid536 said...

We always say grace too.
I hate it. Unless someone actually prays about something other than blessing the food.
How can food be blessed?
Stupid idea.