Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 More Days

'till school starts.

and i'll be glad to finally have something to do.
I'm on the waiting list for Speech and Anthropology and i really hope i get into those classes. Cuz i neeeed to finally get through with City College.

The other day i bought this really cool alarm clock. It sets itself, when daylight savings starts/ends it changes itself. If the power goes out, it has a reserve battery so that it'll still wake you up at the time you need to get up (with a pesky beeper but at least it still works). You can wake to your ipod, buzzer, or the radio. Sleep timer, motion-activated snooze (which is usefull for me because my dresser is behind my bed in my closet), and able to program two seperate alarms. It even has a projector that can go onto the ceiling or the wall. I put mine so it goes onto the wall and makes the numbers really big, it helps because i the alarm clock is sort of behind me and so i can actually see the time at night. Also, you can set the alarm to go off on week-days or weekends or everyday. I set mine for week-days and was confused when i didn't wake up to it this morning, that's when i realized that it's saturday. Yeah, this alarm clock does everything. And for only $60!

Ok, end of my lame ad.

If you read that whole thing, i applaud you!!!
i'll post a blog tommorow saying what all my classes will be. I'm excited, but at the same time, i don't want to go back. I want to be done with City and on to STATE. Idk. I'll reach that point eventually, even if i'm taking a little bit longer than the intended 2-year plan.

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