Thursday, January 1, 2009


GAAH, i hate when my sister says "can you take me to work?" "when?" "now". It's like, no, first of all, i don't wanna take you to work, second of all, if you want me to take you to work tell me the day before or something so that i'll know and i won't be in my pajamas. And also, what would she do if i wasn't home? That drives me crazy, because i've been in the exact same place as her, i worked that exact same job as a matter of fact, and i never had a brother that i could ask to take me to work the minute i had to go. Also, i would either make sure my parents could take me or think of another way to get there if they couldn't take me.

Ok, that was a shameless rant of sourts. Sorts. Ok, that's the correctement spelling i believe.

Yesterday was extremely boring. I went to my friends house, and sat, all night. FUN!

Well first we went to chinese food, which was quite delicious, but it made my stomach mad.

Today, nothing. I'm almost out of gas and i realize that i have NO money. I was gonna buy more toys but now i can't. I'll have to make use of what i got. Actually, i'm glad this happened, i have sooo many video games that i haven't played really and i just wanted to buy another one. What i waste. I also just bought Across the universe and The dark knight on blu-ray so i should watch those. Both movies i enjoy a lot. Across the universe i have mixed feelings about but i still love it. And the dark knight i saw 3 times in the theatre. My insane friend saw it 5 or 6 times in the theatre i believe, so i don't feel TOO bad about that.

It's strange, it seems the less i have going on the more i have to write about. Or perhaps it's merely because i'm getting used to writing and so more of my thoughts actually come out when i sit down to do this.

Happy 2_ _9,


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