Monday, December 22, 2008

Talk of Geese and Such

Dear Blog,

why is it that i always blog around christmas time? is it because i'm on the computer more often, using amazon as my escape from overcrowded malls, or is it because i have a break from school (and this year work as well, i'm a tutor at my school) or is it because i have so much more to say this time of year; am i appalled by the commercialization of the holiday, or just the buzz and glow it creates? whatever it is blog, i wish it never stopped. every year i go through the same thing. i sit at the computer, and i create. creation through words. some might say it's a lost cause. but it's something i don't really do the rest of the year. i take pride in what i write. but often times i go back and read what i have written and am surprised at what i said and even confused as to what i meant... but even when nothing substantial comes from the pitter pattering of my fingers on the keyboard, i love it. it consumes me and sustains me. everytime i'm in this place i think to myself, this will continue. i'll have to maintain this. well blog, i think i've finally realized my problem. while i'm doing this, and thinking this, i don't actually commit to anything. i think "i'll do this again sometime soon" but don't actually set a schedule. That should change.

New Years Resolution #1 (effective of course january 1st): write a blog entry every day.
New Years Resolution #2: don't back out of doing new years resolutions, again.


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