Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Official

  • I've decided that my new years resolution will have ONE more part. Part (2) i'll call it!
  • the second part of my resolution [part(2)] will be a V-log to accompany my B-log
  • i will post said vlog once a week, saturday preferably and will use this vlog to basically sum up everything that happened during my week / everything i talked about in my blog
  • this isn't really a list but for some reason i decided to use bullets for each point/sentence
  • yeeeeah... i'm not sure if i was going to go into further detail or not...
  • alrighty then. i'll hopefully post my first V-log 2moro so that i can explain to my viewers my new years resolution and how it will affect them (or that it really won't affect them at all)
  • this may not be the end of my new years resolutions, i'm just now pondering whether or not i should vow to keep my room clean as well... hmm... tough decision..

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