Saturday, December 27, 2008


So i had my blog all written and then for some reason i decided to upload a video to it and tried to change my mind. But it was already doing that and i could not get it to stop. So than i try to copy everything i wrote so that i can refresh and paste it back but of course, that's not working. For some reason i cannot copy any of the text i put into the text box. Well, it wasn't the most interesting blog anyway so i'll survive.

I'm looking forward to new years eve and i think it's one of the best holidays. There's no stress of gifts and you get to hang out with your friends and stay up semi-late. As if we didn't already do that every other day..

For some reason i have one new years stuck in my memory. We went to a church-family's house (a family we knew from the church we attended, i grew up going to that church and went there for 16 years). First, i guess i should Explain who i mean by "we". We= My Dad, my mom, my older sister (by two years) Karli, and my younger sister (also by two years) Jenna. Ok, that wasn't hard. Anyway, the only thing i really remember is that we went to that house a couple times for new years eve and a friend of mine, also from the church, was there. For christmas i had gotten Pokemon Yellow version and i spent most of the night playing that stupid game instead of spending time with my friend. Doing whatever it is we used to do back then. Probly run around and pretend we had super-powers. Well anyways, that's what pops into my head everytime i think of new years eve. I'm not really sure why but i guess i should use it as a reminder to try not to be a hermit and spend time with people on that day..

Now it's not so much that i'm occupied with other stuff so i don't hang out with friends, it's just that everyone else is already doing something with someone else and i get excluded. I just wish i had more friends.. Then i'd have something to do..

I wasn't really planning on writing a blog this long and that was nothing like the first draft. In fact, it was a different topic entirely..

Ok blog,
Have a good one,

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