Sunday, December 28, 2008

Borders is having a sale and so i'm about to head over that way. But first i must go to the bank. And perhaps get some gas. Having a car is great. I can go where i want, when i want. As long as i know how to get there... Which is actually pretty seldom. I'm learning the importance of mapquest though. My mom got a gps for xmas and i'm thinkin, i neeeed one of those. It's just so much easier. The lil' voice tells you errrytime you gotta turn and stuff. But idk if i can afford one, they're perty 'spensive. I'm hoping to also go to see Yes Man later today and later in the week, the Spirit. Yes Man because i'm in love with zooey deschanel and the Spirit because that movie loooks freakin' good. Done in like the style of Sin City which was excellent i must say. I love how the one guy has the red converse. I have shoes like that, although mine look a lil' orange sometimes. Also someone with red converse, the guy in Amelie. He was like the "ghost" guy that kept takin pictures of himself in the photo-booth. In the end you find out who he really is but i won't say just in case you haven't seen it. I also kind of want to see Doubt, the Day the Earth Stood Still, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Ugh, i have no money as it is... Maybe i'll become a whore or something for some extra cash.

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