Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 Days

Christmas is in two days and i'm attempting to start my "new years resolution" early. Do we really need the new year as an excuse to commit to doing something we've been meaning to do? No, it just happens that we think about that kind of stuff at this time, i guess..
So the other day I told this girl that I still liked her. And then the next day, yesterday, i realized that it was a mistake. This girl is literally crazy. She's been to a mental institution. This is a legitimate crazy and not just the overexageration of an aspiring writer/blogger. And yet, i still find myself drawn to her.
The last time this happened we decided it would be best to just be friends. Well, i decided, she was very serious about starting a relationship and it's when this kind of talk comes up that i realize just how desperate and needy she really is. The wierd thing is, she has a boyfriend, whom she loves, and yet she still really wants to see me. So much that she's been txt'ing me frequently the last two days telling me that her mom bought pizza, she just got the new narnia movie, she just gave blood and is home and wants to hang out. Those were yesterdays excuses, today it was, "i'm going shopping, do you wanna tag along?" "hang out with me!!!" and "well we could go to target if you don't wanna go downtown".. It reminds me of an episode of Weeds; the blonde woman is desperate for a friend and screams "BE MY FRIEND!!!" whilst pulling the hair of the woman of whom she wants to befriend.
Well blog, i guess i have a lot to talk about. I didn't think i had that much happening in my life. And honestly, i don't, so i'll save some of the jucier details for a later date. I'll pull them out when i'm feeling like there's nothing to say and i'm desperate for a topic.. If that day ever comes.

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