Saturday, April 19, 2008

In College Now

Been in college for almost a yr now. It's great, really great. And by great i mean tottally pointless, and by really great i mean i'm not motivated at all. I don't know what i want to do and it really eats me sometimes. City college has a way of making you not want to do anything or get anything accomplished and i'm pretty sure i'm failing all of my classes and am going to be at community college for the rest of my life. Hey, at least it's cheap. I'm obsessed with my Flip vid and i make really random and pointless youtube videos mostly of me and my good friend alana. We get comments like "i bet you two have no friends". Which is mostly true with a few exceptions. I like this. I think i might try to "blog" more. It's relieving. Especially knowing none of my friends know about it and that's it's unlikely that anyone will read it. But i especially like knowing that someone can read it, someone can read it and think, "this is the most boring load of crap i've ever read in my life" or "i'm inspired to go throw a rock through a window" or something bizzare and out of context like that. Thanks for listening blog, be seeing you soon.

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