Sunday, April 29, 2007

senior ball

so senior ball last night was good. the limo ride, not worth the money at all. at least not for me. me and erika were the only couple that weren't dating. and we didn't even get to sit next to each other because the seats at the door was a 3 seater and then there were three seats on the wall and 2 seats in the back. so that was wierd and i wish i just wouldn't have gone in a limo. but the dance was great. at first it sucked cuz we had to wait in line for pics when we really had an appointment for 6:30. the way they set up the outside picture was really stupid. and then after that we ate dinner and then we had to watch the groups stuff while they waited to get there pics and the music started playing so we wanted to dance. so we were gonna leave the stuff on the chair but then we decided to put it in the coat check. so we went back and told them and then we finnally went and danced. i'm not the best dancer but erika told me i wasn't bad bad either. but i had fun. we would go from dancing and then get really hot in there and then go outside and hang out with some people and talk and then go back in and dance or get soemthing to eat or drink or w/e. it was good. soooo much better than jr. prom on soo many levels. it's too bad i won't have any more dances like this one.

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